Sweet Clementine Bourbon Old Fashioned

A sweet take on a classic, using fresh winter citrus.

The Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail that lends itself easily to slight variations, and this Sweet Clementine Old Fashioned doesn’t stray too far. Using fresh, sweet clementines isn’t far off from the orange slice you might get but since they’re so much sweeter and will yield more juice, I left out the simple syrup and used just a touch of sugar instead. And as far as the cherry goes, stay away from those bright red, commercial maraschino cherries; yuck! Use one or two fresh, pitted cherries or seek out brandied cherries for a little extra punch. A well stocked liquor or wine shop will have them, look for them when buying your bourbon– which should be a good quality too. Rye whiskey will also work here, ask when buying if you don’t already have a preference. The liquor is the star here, so make sure it’s one you’re going to enjoy.



How to Make a Clementine Old Fashioned Cocktail: 
This drink comes together quick, with only a few ingredients. Using a rocks glass (you’ll want a sturdy, heavy-bottomed glass) muddle (smash!) your fruit and a sprinkle of sugar. Use the back of a spoon if you don’t have a muddler. Add a splash or two of aromatic bitters and top with bourbon. Add ice last- this will keep your drink from being watered down. One giant ice cube is customary, as they melt slowly. Garnish and enjoy. Measurements and supplies follow below.



Sweet Clementine Old Fashioned 
makes one cocktail


1.5 oz bourbon or whiskey
1 clementine, peeled and sectioned
3 cherries (fresh or brandied)
splash aromatic bitters
sprinkle of sugar


Muddle fruit and sugar in a rocks glass- use 2-3 pieces of clementine and 1-2 cherries. Splash bitters and add bourbon. Drop in one large ice cube last. Garnish with a an additional cherry, clementine section and peel, if desired. Serve immediately.


Notes: Go easy on the sugar! I used just a touch, as the fruit is very sweet. You can add more if needed once tasted. If you don’t have a muddler, you can use the back of a spoon. But a muddler is a great tool for this and many other drinks– use it to smash herbs and fruit into any booze! And for your giant ice cubes, you can use a giant silicone ice tray. I love these because you can add fruits, herbs and even flowers to these ice cubes which is a really nice touch if you’re serving drinks to someone. Regular ice is fine too, of course. But these big cubes don’t melt as quickly and are very stunning. And lastly, if you’re looking for brandied cherries, try these.

Clementine Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

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  1. I’ve been wanting to start myself a little bar area at home and make nice drinks when I have guests over! I’m saving this recipe! What a great start for me to impress my friends with this one haha love it and it looks delicious!

  2. I absolutely love this recipe! We keep clementines in the house all winter long because they are the perfect sweet treat (to help deter us from the cookies, of course!) This is an awesome way to use them 🙂

    xoxo SS

    Southern And Style

  3. Ohhh this recipe looks and sounds wonderful and something I know I would love! I’m always lokking for new cocktail recipes. Thank you for sharing your delicious drink!

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