Savory Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

Savory yogurt breakfast bowl

There are some mornings when you want something sweet. A donut. Toast with jelly. Yogurt with fruit. Cinnamon buns. This is not for those mornings.

This is for the mornings you need something salty. Savory. Like maybe this is the morning you woke up with a hangover but still have to go to work. You want something hearty and healthy and salty and savory and fast and easy.

Shown here: greek yogurt, mixed with a big pinch of salt and cracked pepper, a squeeze of lime and stirred; chopped English cucumber, thinly sliced radish and a plop of sprouts dressed with olive oil + salt + lime.

So as per usual, this is more inspiration than recipe.. so here’s a list of things to inspire your savory yogurt bowl breakfast…

+ thinly sliced radish
+ diced cucumber
+ squeeze of lime
+ chopped herbs
+ cracked pepper
+ hot sauce
+ chili powder
+ lemon juice
+ tomatoes
+ citrus zest
+ carrots, roasted or raw
+ sprouts
+ pickled red onions
+ avocado
+ pico de gallo




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