Green Veggie Sandwich

Consider this green veggie sandwich a New Year’s resolution.
It’s green. Vegetarian. And packing this in your lunch will help you stick to those healthy goals you made.


It’s the middle of winter and bitter cold where I am so this bit of green is super fresh and reviving to me. Make with whatever you want or have on hand, obviously. If I could find them (and I looked at two stores!) I would add sprouts of some kind or maybe a micro green, but the arugula was enough to get by.



One suggestion: if you’re going to pack this in your lunch, keep everything separate. All these ingredients are a little delicate, so assembling right before you eat it is key to a not-soggy lunch. I used this recipe for the white bean hummus, but you can use any store bought hummus instead.


Green Veggie Sandwich
leave off the cheese and this is vegan!


2 slices wheat bread
goat cheese
white bean hummus
green apple


Toast your bread. Give one piece a slather of hummus, the other gets the goat cheese. Build with your ingredients, enjoy. I mean, you know how to make a sandwich, right?

6 thoughts on “Green Veggie Sandwich

  1. That’s a great recepie! I am looking for a healthy options for my lunch and now I can add it to my list:) especially that it’s with goat cheese and hummus 🙂 my favourite things 🙂

  2. Good suggestion to wait to assemble right before eating the sandwich. I’ve definitely run into issues with some yummy veggie recipes that looked amazing when I made them, and then not as delicious when I pulled them out of the fridge at work.

    Thanks for this!

  3. This looks delish. I love sandwiches with cucumber to add a little crunch! I bet the addition of green cucumber is the perfect finishing touch!
    erin |

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