Green Tea and Sweet Mint Ice Pops

It’s no secret that I love popsicles, and these minty green tea ice pops are so good. They’re made with a mint-tea simple syrup and taste like mint sweet tea. So refreshing for summer and a fun take on tea. You can even take this recipe and make it into cocktails — the mint simple syrup tastes great and with the tea it would make a great cocktail mixer.

Green tea is so fresh tasting with the mint, but feel free to sub in black tea. And the fresh mint is key, don’t even try the dried stuff. I keep fresh mint growing in a pot in my herb garden. It’s an easy herb, but it takes over so I like it potted. Peppermint or sweet mint will both work, I used a mix of the two here. Once you freeze your ice pops, the flavor tends to become a little muted, so strength is key. Taste everything before freezing but you’ll want that minty tea flavor to be strong and concentrated. Not a fan of mint? That’s cool, we’re still friends. just make sweet green tea ice pops and enjoy one by the pool.

Green Tea and Sweetmint Popsicle

Green Tea and Sweet Mint Ice Pops

2 cups fresh mint leaves, loosely packed
1 cup sugar
2 cups water
6 green tea bags

Chop mint roughly and set aside. In a medium sauce pot, boil water. Add 1 cup sugar and stir until dissolved. Lower heat and simmer until the mixture becomes syrupy. Remove from heat. Add mint leaves and stir.  Add tea bags to steep,10-15 minutes (longer for stronger flavor, no more than 20 minutes or it will get bitter), remove tea bags. Allow mint to steep and water to cool completely, steeping mint up to 8 hours. Strain mint leaves from syrup. Pour into molds, freeze until set.

Tips: These measurements made 6 pops with about 2 cups of liquid. This is pretty standard for most popsicle molds, but to be sure measure yours. To do this, fill your mold with water and dump it into a measuring cup. That will show your how much your pop mold holds and you can adjust this recipe accordingly. And the mint syrup (with or without the tea) makes a great cocktail add-in.

4 thoughts on “Green Tea and Sweet Mint Ice Pops

  1. These look so good. YUMM! Tea blends are really fascinating. I love coming up with new twists on old recipes. I made an apple vanilla hibiscus tea this week that I bet would make great ice pops too. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Crysta @MorningTempest

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