Hello. My name is Kelly.

A few years ago I picked up and moved to Chicago from South Florida. No plan, no job. A few months in, I took a design job that turned into a nightmare. I wasn’t actually doing anything creative and it took up a lot of my energy; both physically and mentally. A few weeks in, I started coming home from work and making elaborate meals. I would spend my weekends working on cooking projects and seeking out hard to find ingredients to experiment with. I would spend all day fantasizing about what I was going to make for dinner, formulating mental shopping lists on my way home and investing in cookware and collecting kitchen tools as a new hobby.

It wasn’t long before that job fired me, about 8 months. And while I cried the whole train ride home, it was for the best. And it was during this time that I realized how much I loved cooking. It had become an outlet for creativity that I hadn’t explored. Part of what was so miserable about that job, was the lack of anything creative. I had always had an outlet, I was always making something; sewing, photography, drawing, etc., up until this point. I was in an entirely new environment and this creative energy manifested itself in a brand new way. It was such a pleasure to come home from work and spend the rest of the night zoning out, making a beautiful meal, creating something.

This blog was created with the same creative energy as the one that drove me to take up cooking in the first place. I started for blogging while I was pregnant as a hobby and it’s developed as a showcase for my photography and design work as well.  I work with clients large and small on a variety of projects, from menu and printed design to web presence, and  of course, food photography. You can see more of my projects or contact me to collaborate on upcoming projects.