A week with DeliverLean

DeliverLean Breakfast
Savory Chickpea Pancakes with Cashew Cream and Avocado Salsa

This past week I had the opportunity to work with DeliverLean, a meal delivery service delivering healthy ready-made-meals to South Florida. I elected my delivery to start the week after Thanksgiving, a great time to refresh a little after all the cooking and overeating. And as someone who is a big believer in a packed lunch for work, this was a game changer.

Deliver Lean Tofu Steak

Deliver Lean Tofu Dinner


The DeliverLean plan I chose was their vegan menu, which included some really creative items and has definitely inspired me to incorporate more tofu in my diet. Not into vegan? They have Paleo, vegetarian, classic and kids plans to chose from. Each delivery came to my door in a thermal bag on ice, with 6 meals intended for two days. Delivery was 3 times a week, so everything came fresh. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. No shopping, no cooking. No meal prep, no meal planning. Boom. Done.

DeliverLean Breakfast Oatmeal
Coconut Breakfast Porridge with Cinnamon Peaches and Crunchy Cinnamon Granola

So let’s talk about the food. 
DeliverLean is all about healthy, so everything was made with healthy oils and fats in mind and high protein. Calorie counts and nutrition is right on the box so you know what you’re getting. Breakfast was light but filling, things like blueberry lemon bread, sweetened with applesauce or coconut porridge with cinnamon peaches and crunchy toasted cinnamon granola. Lunch included a really delicious chick pea “tuna” salad wrap (vegan, remember?),  falafel wrap (another favorite) mango spring rolls, or a gorgeous fennel and citrus salad, studded with pistachios. And for dinner, more filling options like curry tofu steak (so good!) or —- tofu steak, both excellent and served with veggies. Also a mushroom stew and creamy polenta, gluten free pasta with a tomato sauce and savory chickpea pancakes.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. No shopping, no cooking. No meal prep, no meal planning. Boom. Done.

Start your New Year right with healthy eating goals.
While you can chose your meals by logging into their menu portal once you’ve signed up with DeliverLean, I left mine to “chefs choice” and I was not disappointed. All the items I received were fresh, healthy and filling options that I was excited to eat every day. Because it’s hard to eat well when you’re not excited about the food, right? And since I wasn’t putting in any extra effort, it was so easy to stay on track all week with eating right. No excuses. Like the night everyone in my house was eating pizza? I had dinner all ready to go and no reason to cheat. Think about what an amazing New Year’s resolution this would be!

Deliver Lean Lunch
Mango Cilantro Vegan Spring Rolls
DeliverLean Lunch
Shaved Fennel Salad with Grapefruit and Pistachios

Getting started with DeliverLean
Get started with DeliverLean for your New Year, you can try it with by using discount code citysupper10 for a 10% discount!
Just go to their website www.deliverlean.com to get started!

DeliverLean New Year's Resolution


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