15 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

  1. Go pick up some trash.
    Seriously, I know it’s not yours (you would never, right?) but next time you see something, pick it up and toss it! You can do this any day, not just Earth Day. Take 5 minutes to pick up around you at the beach or at a park. You might not think it makes a difference but every little bit helps!
  2. Recycle. 
    I mean duh, right? But are you really making an effort? Maybe you could start recycling at work (things like lightbulbs, batteries or electronics) or get your parents, family or friends to start. Preach it like the gospel!my work mug
  3. Get a reusable cup.
    This is so easy. Get a cute cup and knock it off with the to-go cups. Get one for your desk and one for your commute. I like coffee in the morning, so I keep a coffee mug at work. I also have a travel mug for my to-go coffee, and guess what? It keeps my coffee hot longer and most places offer a discount for using it. Win-win.
  4. Stop using straws.
    You’re using a reusable cup when you’re dining out, but guess what? If you’re using a straw, you’re still creating waste. PLASTIC waste. The City of Miami is banning drinking straws because they end up polluting their beaches and waterways. Think about what an easy thing that would be to give up, or try these reusable stainless steel straws.
  5. Ride your bike.
    or walk.. to the store, the park. Even short distances add up.
  6. Don’t waste food.
    Stop throwing away food because you’re throwing away money. Eat/freeze your leftovers. Don’t take/buy/cook more than you need. Simple as that.
  7. Visit your local farmers market.
    You’ll see in real time what is growing close and in season. You’ll also support local small farmers that are growing organic and sustainably.
  8. Start a garden. 
    Grow your own food. Caring for plants will get you outside and make you really appreciate where your food comes from. Plus, you can grow organic fruits, veggies and herbs without harmful pesticides. Don’t have space? Try indoor fruit trees, patio tomatoes or an herb garden in your window sill.
  9. Compost.
    Got a backyard? Start a compost pile for your garden. Not enough space? Save things like coffee grounds and egg shells for your houseplants.
  10. Make your own cleaning products. 
    You can make everything from household cleaners, detergents to body wash and toothpaste.
  11. Reuse your jars.
    Save your jars and reuse them for lunches, leftovers and homemade items. Reuse them when you make your own salad dressings or pickles. Store your dry goods, too, like grains and spices. You can even bring your iced coffee in a jar, it’ sealed and it won’t spill. Why buy mason jars when you can reuse an old pickle jar? Boil them to sanitize, banish the smell and remove the labels.
    salad in a jar
  12. Recycle your wine bottles. 
    Get a bottle cutting kit and create your own glasses from your old wine bottles (or beer bottles). Have a special bottle? Pour your own candle and make it a keepsake.
  13. Support your pollinators.
    Most people ‘plant a tree’ for Earth Day. That’s fine, but think about your pollinating friends. Plant some monarch-friendly milkweed or bee-friendly flowers. No room at home? Seek out a park that could use some new landscaping. Also, watch your pest sprays. A lot of common bug spray harm other insects too.
  14. Swap out toxic cleaners for eco-friendly brands.
    Next time you buy products for your home, go for the brands that are recycled, non-toxic and eco-friendly.
  15. Make Meatless-Monday a thing. 
    Make one day a week a veggie day, it’s good for you too!

    Earth Day

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