• Meyer Lemon Bread Loaf

    I love lemon anything, and this meyer lemon bread is one of my favorite things ever! In fact, one of my favorite breakfast items is the lemon loaf ...

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    Meyer Lemon Bread Loaf
  • Salad Ideas: The BIG Salad + a basic jar dressing

    Let's talk about healthy eating, let's talk about salad ideas and let's talk about leftovers. Now, let's talk about this salad. The BIG salad. It's ...

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    Salad Ideas: The BIG Salad + a basic jar dressing
  • A week with DeliverLean

    This past week I had the opportunity to work with DeliverLean, a meal delivery service delivering healthy ready-made-meals to South Florida. I elected ...

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    A week with DeliverLean
  • Pumpkin Cake Roll

    One of my favorite fall desserts, the pumpkin roll. Pumpkin spiced caked rolled up with a cream cheese frosting and dusted with powdered sugar. A ...

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    Pumpkin Cake Roll
  • Salted Coconut Granola

    This is hands-down the best granola I've ever made. Maybe the best I've had? I dunno, I don't buy it much because it's so easy to make, and so ...

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    Salted Coconut Granola

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